Market Place Burslem, North Side

Pen and ink Drawing of Market Palce north side Burslem
Market Place, north side, Burslem
Pen and ink drawing of Albani Spice
Albani Spice, people gathering waiting for a coach to collect them one bright Saturday morning
Silver Coin Amusements
Silver Coin Amusements – these kind ladies made me a cup of coffee – thanks !


Liberal Club
Liberal Club, 1892, Market Place, Burslem – these lovely blues are painted with lapis lazuli pigment.

This fine 19th century building has beautiful ceramic tiles at the gable apex and was once used as meeting rooms for the Liberal Club.

Liberal Club, Burslem
Ceramic tile Detail at the apex of the former Liberal Club. Note the date of the tiling is nine years after the date shown on the brickwork below.
Burslem Liberal Club
The date 1892 AD, is beautifully crafted in terracotta and built into the facade.

It is wonderful to see that since its state of dereliction it has been repaired under the Burslem THI scheme.

Nowell Mello Solicitors
Nowell Mellor and Life Style Express at no. 24 Market Place, Burslem
Stevens Solicitors, 22 Market Place Burslem, pen and ink drawing
Stevens Solicitors, 22 Market Place Burslem



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