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  • 19-27 Front Street, Acomb, York

    19-27 Front Street, Acomb, York

    Acomb lies a couple of miles west of York and it’s the place where I grew up. It is a Domesday village with its own conservation area but being so close to the City of York it tends to be overlooked but not by everyone. This is my contribution to recording some of the architectural…

  • 2-22 Stafford Street, Eccleshall

    2-22 Stafford Street, Eccleshall

    Summer is in full swing and it has brought to mind those warm red-brick Staffordshire evenings before we moved up to Scotland. I have been meaning to update my street archive for a while so let’s resume where I last left off in Eccleshall with this side of Stafford Street at the southern end nearest…

  • 37-63 High Street, Eccleshall…where friends meet

    37-63 High Street, Eccleshall…where friends meet

    Gallery at 12 in Eccleshall has just re-opened with some style! Members of Staffordshire Artists Cooperative have been hard at work giving the interior a whole new look with a fresh colour scheme and creating new work.  Seeing the gallery revitalised was a timely reminder to post the rest of my Eccleshall street drawings on…

  • 17-39 Blossom Street, York

    17-39 Blossom Street, York

    This part of Blossom Street consists mostly of 19th century Georgian buildings which have weathered many a storm. Starting here with the grade 1 listed Bar Convent, now also a Living Heritage Centre, the earliest part of this building dates from 1765 although its roots go back further.

  • Wellgate Lanark – Healing Hands to La Vigna

    Wellgate Lanark – Healing Hands to La Vigna

    Wellgate, Lanark is one of the historic four gates or ports into the town. These are West Port, East Port, Wellgate and Castlegate. This drawing of Wellgate starts with no 60 and 58 and ends where it meets the High Street. This is part one of  two posts covering Wellgate between Healing Hands and La…

  • Bloomgate to High Street, Lanark

    Bloomgate to High Street, Lanark

    Where Bloomgate meets Wide Close, the street narrows into a bottle neck where traffic slows to pass along this ancient route alongside St Nicholas Church.  I have covered the rest of Bloomgate in earlier drawings and blog posts (here  and here).  The last few buildings on Bloomgate are home to Kass Hair & Beauty and…

  • Bloomgate: St Nicholas to Greyfriars

    Bloomgate: St Nicholas to Greyfriars

    We are in the week running up to Christmas 2019. It seems timely to begin this post with this drawing of St Nicholas’s Church Lanark. The links and legends associated with St Nicholas and Santa Claus are too many to touch on here but he’s not just associated with gifts at Christmas – St Nicholas…

  • Mount Parade, York

    Mount Parade, York

    If you are a fan of Georgian streets, then Mount Parade is a treasure waiting for you if you ever visit York.

  • Drawing a Scottish Street: Bloomgate, Lanark

    Scotland is an ongoing adventure but leaving Staffordshire was quite a tug.  After living 24 years in the area you can imagine that the hardest part was saying goodbye to friends and all those people that make up the fabric of the day – the chap collecting the trolleys at Tesco, the kind Pharmacist at…

  • 32-56 High Street Eccleshall

    Here’s another section along the north side of Eccleshall High Street. I’ve added the descriptions for each of the many listed buildings along this part of the street and added the link to the relevant page of British Listed Buildings online. It would be interesting to learn a little more about who lived in these…