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  • 34-84 Micklegate, York (part 1 of 2)

    34-84 Micklegate, York (part 1 of 2)

    Picking up from where I left off with my first drawing of Micklegate, this one records the buildings from 34 to 84 as the street winds its way further towards York.  Micklegate is a living archaeological site – there is so much history layered into the fabric of the street since Roman times.

  • Drawing a Scottish Street: Bloomgate, Lanark

    Scotland is an ongoing adventure but leaving Staffordshire was quite a tug.  After living 24 years in the area you can imagine that the hardest part was saying goodbye to friends and all those people that make up the fabric of the day – the chap collecting the trolleys at Tesco, the kind Pharmacist at […]

  • St John’s Square, East, Burslem

    Good to be back drawing another street in the historic core of Burslem. Here are the latest sequence of buildings from the east side of St John’s Square.  There is plenty written on the historic fabric in the town centre conservation plan. I always welcome any historical insights into these buildings to include next to […]

  • Albermarle Mansions on the Holloway Road N7

    Holloway is one of the most densely populated parts of London, usually so full of people and traffic, that you barely have a moment to lift your eyes up to the buildings. I hope the following sketches will give you a flavour of some of the interesting buildings that can be seen. This is the […]

  • Bishy Road, East Side

    The Bishy Road is complete! It has been a delight to draw this street and to get such an enthusiastic response to my drawings. Thank you Bishy Roaders! As my first drawing of this street went to press, you were just about to greet Le tour de France in some style. As I write this […]

  • Market Place Burslem, North Side

      This fine 19th century building has beautiful ceramic tiles at the gable apex and was once used as meeting rooms for the Liberal Club. It is wonderful to see that since its state of dereliction it has been repaired under the Burslem THI scheme.  

  • Burslem: Market Place, South Side

    This project to reinstate the original window layout to the first and second floors of the Post Office was done with the help of the  Burslem Regeneration Company. There was a meeting held here in 1769, between Josiah Wedgewood and Thomas Bentley, Erasmus Darwin and the engineer James Brindley, which culminated in the cutting of […]

  • Audlem, Stafford Street, The Square and Shropshire Street

    The following drawings are all extracts from the one drawing of this beautiful village in Cheshire, close to the borders of Staffordshire and Shropshire. It is a place that our family have visited for almost twenty years by this summer and we are still regular visitors to the wonderful cafe and home of ‘the best […]

  • Loynton Threshing Barn

    Loynton Threshing Barn, Staffordshire Time for a little change here. I would like to share a few drawings of Loynton Farm Threshing Barn, part of a delightful set of historic farm buildings, not far from Eccleshall. Loynton Farm  was once home farm to Loynton Hall and the estate can be traced back to the mid-17th century. […]

  • A Jolly Secret in the Heart of Newcastle – aka Liverpool Road

    Jollie’s Art shop is the creative hub of Newcastle.  It is well worth the few extra steps from the High Street and Ironmarket to venture into this older part of the town which although much changed, nevertheless sits on the footprint of Newcastle’s medieval town centre. It is Jollies by name and Jolly by nature. […]