73-91 Front Street, Acomb part 3 of 4

73 Front Street, Acomb

Red brick detached houses mark the start of this drawing as we continue with the third of four drawings along the north side of Front Street, in Acomb Conservation Area.

77 Front Street, Acomb

Although I’m writing this at the tail end of December 2022, I began drawing the Front Street series in January 2020 full of aniticipation for the year ahead…say no more…other than I do like to finish what I start! Like every other town and village, there have been changes but these drawings reflect Acomb pre-pandemic.

Keen Hands Wool Shop, 79 Front Street, Acomb
81 Front Street, Acomb
Chips N Things, 83 Front Street, Acomb

I have a limited edition print of this part of Front Street in stock here in my Etsy shop. If it has since sold out, please get in touch and I will be happy to order another one for you.

The Old Chapel, 83 Front Street, Acomb

This is the beautifully detailed former Wesleyan Chapel which has since been remodelled into apartments. I made a corker of a mistake in my drawing just here and only spotted it at a stage when it was too late to go back! I decided to own the error by drawing myself in holding a metre rod and pointing to the place where I should have left a gap. My bag states the obvious! You can read about it here.

Owning my mistake and pointing it out! I missed showing a gap between these buildings.
No 85 Front Street, Acomb
Cottage Salon, 89 Front Street, Acomb with No 87 to the right.
Pheby & Co Solicitors, 91 Front Street, Acomb

I will be back with the last part of this series in January but for now here’s wishing you a happy, healthy and creative New Year.

Thanks for reading,

Ronnie 🙂


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