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  • 73-91 Front Street, Acomb part 3 of 4

    73-91 Front Street, Acomb part 3 of 4

    Red brick detached houses mark the start of this drawing as we continue with the third of four drawings along the north side of Front Street, in Acomb Conservation Area.

  • 33-67 Front Street, Acomb, York

    33-67 Front Street, Acomb, York

    Here’s the second drawing of Front Street, Acomb, cropped into smaller sections so as to get a good look at each building in turn. It’s a colourful glance over a street in the place where I grew up. It’s also a moment to say thank you for following and reading over the years.

  • 19-27 Front Street, Acomb, York

    19-27 Front Street, Acomb, York

    Acomb lies a couple of miles west of York and it’s the place where I grew up. It is a Domesday village with its own conservation area but being so close to the City of York it tends to be overlooked but not by everyone. This is my contribution to recording some of the architectural…