Bloomgate to High Street, Lanark

pen and ink artwork of traditional scottish street by ronnie cruwys

Kass Hair and Beauty, Bloomgate, Lanark

Where Bloomgate meets Wide Close, the street narrows into a bottle neck where traffic slows to pass along this ancient route alongside St Nicholas Church.  I have covered the rest of Bloomgate in earlier drawings and blog posts (here  and here).  The last few buildings on Bloomgate are home to Kass Hair & Beauty and Strands,  both of which are still going in this new decade 2020.

However, there have already been a number of shops close down or change hands since I drew this in the summer of 2019.

drawing by artist Ronnie Cruwys

Strands, Bloomgate,  Lanark

All my drawings are out of date by the time they go to print which doesn’t worry me! These are all intended to archive the street drawn at the time and I hope that they will only get more interesting as time goes on.

pen and ink drawing of Lanark Scotland

Barber Shop, Bloomgate next to Wide Close – one of the old routes to Edinburgh

The Barber Shop has since morphed into a dog grooming salon.

drawing of Images of Wonder, by Ronnie Cruwys

Images of Wonder, High Street Lanark

artwork by Ronnie Cruwys, Scotland

Emma Marie Bridal, Lanark

This shop now lies vacant.

drawing of Prego, Lanark

Prego Italian restaurant

red sandstone building in Lanark drawn by Ronnie Cruwys

Rug and Flooring Stores and the Director’s Box, Lanark

The Rug and Flooring Stores has also left the premises.

traditional scottish street drawing by Ronnie Cruwys

Ravissante, High Street, Lanark




traditional scottish building Lanark

Millar Blinds and Duncan’s Close

The rest of the street will be covered in the next post. Thanks to my new followers for joining me. Always glad to know someone is taking a look at these streets. As always, If you have any historical insight into any of these buildings, I’d love to hear from you.

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Living and working in the Clyde Valley, South Lanarkshire, drawing, sketching, painting and exploring my new Scottish life and surroundings. Please visit my other blogs and main website
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