Bathurst Mansions, Holloway Road, London N7

Bathurst Mansions crop 8

This  extraordinary building can be found on the corner of Holloway Road and Seven Sisters Road, London N7. The carved stonework high above the street caught my eye:

Green Man on Bathurst Mansions ronnie Cruwys a.jpg

There’s a lot of classical detail going on in here – a frieze of carved swags and tails, medallions of Green Men, pediments, cornices and elegantly carved column capitals.

Bathurst Mansions crop 7.jpg

Instead of including it on a street drawing, I thought these buildings were worth drawing as a study by themselves.  The building too holds a lot of history and an insight can be read here into one of its residents on the pages of the Hornsey Road Blog.

Bathurst Mansions crop 1

Bathurst Mansions crop 8


Bathurst Mansions crop 2

Bathurst Mansions crop 4

So, next time you are waiting to cross the Holloway Road, look up!

Bathurst Mansions crop 5.jpg

Bathurst Mansions crop 6.jpg

Thanks for reading and happy drawing to my fellow artist readers.



2 responses to “Bathurst Mansions, Holloway Road, London N7”

  1. Tony Payton Avatar
    Tony Payton

    I was born in 1947 and lived in 4 Bathurst Mansions with grandparents, parents and an uncle and aunt for many years. The smell of the Portland stone staircase, 76 steps to the top floor, often returns. Camden Town Hall has the same smell. A lovely flat roof. My father watched Crystal Palace burn from there. My gran ran the chemist shop Bishops, where the shoe shop Is now. The other side of the front door was a chippy with seasonal fish and die for. I remember the smogs and the early morning building vibrations as the massive diesel lorries moved from the Nags Head junction up towards Highgate. The trams and the jingling from trolley buses connections were the equivalent to sailing masts in a harbour! Wonderful times listening to long wave cricket commentaries from afar in the early morning. A wonderful building for little kids. My grandad was the pianist in the Nags Head. My gran was teetotal and I lived to 104. My grandad died on my 10th birthday from cancer about 60years old. At the funeral there were over 300 people and gran only new about 30 of them!

    1. ronniecruwys Avatar

      Hello Tony,

      Your comment is rich with history – thank you! You were born the same year as my eldest brother, soon after such devastation and yet full of life! You bring the place alive with your memories, the chippie, the long wave radio too – I used to love my Dad tuning our wireless and getting sounds that were in my mind from outer space.

      I was down to London last week – the first time since Covid. It was quite moving to walk along Holloway Road again – and notice that the shoe shop has gone along with many other small retailers. All change, but certain things stay – including the imprint of our experiences there. Thanks so much for sharing this valuable insight into life here in No 4 Bathurst Mansions.

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