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  • 33-67 Front Street, Acomb, York

    33-67 Front Street, Acomb, York

    Here’s the second drawing of Front Street, Acomb, cropped into smaller sections so as to get a good look at each building in turn. It’s a colourful glance over a street in the place where I grew up. It’s also a moment to say thank you for following and reading over the years.

  • 19-27 Front Street, Acomb, York

    19-27 Front Street, Acomb, York

    Acomb lies a couple of miles west of York and it’s the place where I grew up. It is a Domesday village with its own conservation area but being so close to the City of York it tends to be overlooked but not by everyone. This is my contribution to recording some of the architectural…

  • Creation, Destruction, Good, Evil, Light and Dark: 34-84 Micklegate Part 2

    Creation, Destruction, Good, Evil, Light and Dark: 34-84 Micklegate Part 2

    Micklegate, York, once home to a Roman Temple to gods of creation and destruction.

  • 34-84 Micklegate, York (part 1 of 2)

    34-84 Micklegate, York (part 1 of 2)

    Picking up from where I left off with my first drawing of Micklegate, this one records the buildings from 34 to 84 as the street winds its way further towards York.  Micklegate is a living archaeological site – there is so much history layered into the fabric of the street since Roman times.

  • Blossom Street, York

    Time to update the archive! This is a short length of Blossom Street, right next to Micklegate Bar, the ancient and most significant south west gateway into the walled City of York. You can just see the stonework to the right of this sketch which leads up to the pale limestone city walls, some parts…

  • Drawing Micklegate, York, Part One

    York has four ‘gates’ or ‘bars’ leading into to the city and Micklegate is the one most familiar to me. I grew up in York, going to nearby Bar Convent school and would often cycle into town along Micklegate, aware of its Roman origins and that it was part of the Great North Road. I…

  • Bishopthorpe Road (west side), Clementhorpe, York

    As I write, the much loved ‘Bishy Road’ in York, is decked out in bunting and yellow bikes to greet the Tour de France this Sunday 6th July 2014. The street will be full to bursting with visitors and cycling fans, myself included, and once the Tour has passed through, a street party will kick…