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  • Drawing a Scottish Street: Bloomgate, Lanark

    Scotland is an ongoing adventure but leaving Staffordshire was quite a tug.  After living 24 years in the area you can imagine that the hardest part was saying goodbye to friends and all those people that make up the fabric of the day – the chap collecting the trolleys at Tesco, the kind Pharmacist at […]

  • Station Cottages, Baldwins Gate

    It’s easy to miss this row of railway cottages built for staff of the new Whitmore Station by the Grand Junction Railway in the mid 19th century. I did for years until I decided to walk along an unfamiliar path which went alongside the railway line, not far from my old home. The cottages lie between […]

  • 49 Cardinal Cap Alley, 51 and 52 Bankside

      Cardinal Cap Alley and Bankside are tucked between the Globe Theatre and the Tate Modern on London’s South Bank.  I was intrigued to read the plaque on number 49 which looks fairly convincing but it turns out it isn’t exactly true. The writer and historian Gillian Tindall delved into the history of this building […]

  • Denmark Place, Holloway Road

    Cowling and Wilcox on the Holloway Road sells a great range of sketch books. I’ve been filling one of them up with sketches in and around the Holloway Road.  I recently completed another stretch of this road – the part which is directly opposite Cowling and Wilcox. It’s another 1.8m long orginial which I have […]

  • 2-30a High Street, Eccleshall

    Hello and a warm welcome back to my blog. I have had a quiet spell recovering from some  fractures and it is great to be back drawing again. It has been a tonic to work on the second drawing of the rural Staffordshire town, High Street, Eccleshall. High Street forms part of Character Area One […]

  • A Jolly Secret in the Heart of Newcastle – aka Liverpool Road

    Jollie’s Art shop is the creative hub of Newcastle.  It is well worth the few extra steps from the High Street and Ironmarket to venture into this older part of the town which although much changed, nevertheless sits on the footprint of Newcastle’s medieval town centre. It is Jollies by name and Jolly by nature. […]