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  • Bathurst Mansions, Holloway Road, London N7

    This  extraordinary building can be found on the corner of Holloway Road and Seven Sisters Road, London N7. The carved stonework high above the street caught my eye: There’s a lot of classical detail going on in here – a frieze of carved swags and tails, medallions of Green Men, pediments, cornices and elegantly carved […]

  • Market Place (52 to 36) Burslem

    I’d like to welcome new visitors to a small selection of buildings to the north of St John’s Square in Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent. It’s hard to picture how much these streets have changed over the last century but The Vanished Landscape by the historian Paul Johnson gives a great insight into life growing up in the […]

  • St John’s Square (west side), Burslem

    Terry Hunt of Jollie’s Arts and Crafts shop in Newcastle-under-Lyme used to run the Duke  William. He told me that the inside bears little resemblance to the outside as it was built around the bones of an older building. There is a little about its history on the Duke William website. I’ve added a rogue […]

  • Cheshire Street, Audlem – a dog’s heaven.

    Although I finished this drawing in the summer, I am only just logging it here on the archive so you can see the buildings individually as I know quite a few will be looking at this from your phone. Cheshire Street is the second in the Audlem street series. It sits within the conservation area […]

  • St John’s Square, East, Burslem

    Good to be back drawing another street in the historic core of Burslem. Here are the latest sequence of buildings from the east side of St John’s Square.  There is plenty written on the historic fabric in the town centre conservation plan. I always welcome any historical insights into these buildings to include next to […]

  • Drawing Micklegate, York, Part One

    York has four ‘gates’ or ‘bars’ leading into to the city and Micklegate is the one most familiar to me. I grew up in York, going to nearby Bar Convent school and would often cycle into town along Micklegate, aware of its Roman origins and that it was part of the Great North Road. I […]

  • 1-35 High Street, Eccleshall

    1-35 High Street, Eccleshall

    This is the third in the Eccleshall series. It’s the south side of the High Street, directly opposite the last Eccleshall drawing I posted on this blog. The street begins with an early 19th century red brick building, listed grade 2 which stands on the corner of High Street and Stafford Street. It’s now home […]

  • 2-30a High Street, Eccleshall

    Hello and a warm welcome back to my blog. I have had a quiet spell recovering from some  fractures and it is great to be back drawing again. It has been a tonic to work on the second drawing of the rural Staffordshire town, High Street, Eccleshall. High Street forms part of Character Area One […]

  • Eccleshall – Stone Road

    Hello and welcome back to my drawing archive. It has been a while since I have posted over here but it doesn’t mean I have fallen off the wagon, far from it! I have been getting stuck into quite a few more street drawings and I am delighted to share this first one in Eccleshall, […]

  • Loynton Threshing Barn

    Loynton Threshing Barn, Staffordshire Time for a little change here. I would like to share a few drawings of Loynton Farm Threshing Barn, part of a delightful set of historic farm buildings, not far from Eccleshall. Loynton Farm  was once home farm to Loynton Hall and the estate can be traced back to the mid-17th century. […]