33-67 Front Street, Acomb, York

Part 2 of 4

Here’s the second drawing of Front Street, Acomb, cropped into smaller sections so as to get a good look at each building in turn.

It’s a colourful glance over a street in the place where I grew up. It’s also a moment to say thank you for following and reading over the years.

33, 35, 37 and 39 Front Street, Acomb

These were ‘former Almshouses, built around 1910 for widows and spinsters’- information courtesy of Allan T Adams who has many beautiful artworks on Flikr, including one of this building here.

Acomb Travel, 41 Front Street
43 Hop and Glory (since closed) and 45 Ali Barbers
47 and Floral Elegance at No 49 Front Street
51 Front Street, Acomb.

No 51 is mid-18th Century. There is a little more information here on York Council’s website which includes a black and white photo of it prior to some 20th Century alterations.

53 Front Street – Acomb
55, 57 and 59 (left side) Front Street Acomb.

The bus stop is for Acomb Post Office which has since closed.

61 and 63 Front Street, Acomb
Acomb Post Office – which has since closed.
No 67 and 67a Front Street, Day Lewis Pharmacy.
Greetings cards are now being stocked by Acomb Library

The two remaining drawings of Front Street will follow in the New Year 2023 so in the meantime, wishing you well and my warmest Christmas greetings.

Ronnie 🙂


3 responses to “33-67 Front Street, Acomb, York”

  1. writingbolt Avatar

    That’s a lot of drawings of one? street! You spent extensive time with every portion?

    I picture Paddington Bear walking this street and stopping at the post office to deliver a letter. He needs a little help getting in and out and probably gets knocked onto his face as he leaves…then nurses his wound with a marmalade sandwich.

    1. ronniecruwys Avatar

      Hi Writingbolt,
      I love the story you have created for this street! Perhaps I should share that Paddington Bear has indeed been around here and he shows up outside the Pig and Pastry on my drawing of the Bishy Road, York 😉 https://drawingthestreet.co.uk/York-Bishy-Road-West-Side
      Thanks for your kind comment

      1. writingbolt Avatar

        That’s amusing and cool. You could have your own Where’s Waldo book with Where’s Paddington.

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