1 – 43 West Port, Lanark

West Port, Lanark is the sixth drawing in my Lanark street series. Lanark had four town gates: West Port, East Port, Wellgate and Castlegate. The gate that once stood at West Port has long gone having been demolished in the late 1700s.  This is the main route into town when travelling from the north-west.

drawing of west port lanark by artist ronnie cruwys

No 1 West Port, Lanark

Starting off here with No 1 West Port, the building closest to the town which sits on the corner of Friar’s Lane – which once led down to a medieval Franciscan friary.

artwork of West Port bed and breakfast Lanark by ronnie cruwys

‘The West Port’, No 5, Bed and Breakfast

The ‘West Port’ is a bed and breakfast which will hopefully be able to reopen soon following the lock-down.

drawing of no 7 west port lanark by ronnie cruwys

No 7 West Port, Lanark

Listed grade C, this early 19th century house is a splash of colour in summer.

no 9, 11 and 13 west port lanark, artwork by ronnie cruwys

9, 11 and 13 West Port, Lanark

Another early 19th century building but this one is  category B listed. There is a clear photograph of this building taken around 1976 here.

Mucky Paws, drawing by ronnie cruwys

Mucky Paws, No 15 West Port

The letter box standing outside no 15 is a clue to one of the former occupants of this building – it used to be Lanark’s Post Office.

pen and ink drawing of Naz Turkish Barber Lanark

17 and 19 West Port, Naz the Turkish Barber

drawing of 21 and 23 West Port Lanark

23 and 25 West Port Lanark


Lanark Police Station


Nos 35 and 37 West Port Lanark

Another category C listed building, built in the mid-19th century.

EU Congregational kirk lanark

EU Congregational Kirk, West Port Lanark

pen and ink drawing west port lanark

41 and 43 West Port Lanark

To see the drawing as a whole, please visit my main website here. Limited edition prints are available from my website and Lanark Tolbooth  as soon as it re-opens.

Thanks for reading and I welcome any comments or insights into the history of these streets.


About ronniecruwys

Living and working in the Clyde Valley, South Lanarkshire, drawing, sketching, painting and exploring my new Scottish life and surroundings. Please visit my other blogs https://drawingthestreet.com https://drawingthedetail.com/ and main website https://www.drawingthestreet.co.uk
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