Broomgate, Lanark

Broomgate (not to be confused with Bloomgate around the corner) is full of colourful traditional rendered buildings, some old and some not so old.

I’m always keen to hear from anyone who has any insight into the former lives of any of these buildings. This is a shared archive and most of us are interested or at least curious about who has lived or worked here before us. It connects us and brings life to our streets!

As always with this blog, there are more pics than text so hope you enjoy seeing this street in all its detail. Don’t forget, if you would like to see the drawing as a whole – please visit my website Drawing the Street.

Starting at the top of Broomgate where it meets the High Street:

pen and ink drawing of broomgate, lanark ronnie cruwys

Broomgate – corner with High Street, Lanark



No 4 Lush Nails, No 8 Barber Worx


No 10 Former home of Granny Anderson and her bakery

Meet Ainsley who runs Nirvana Yoga around the corner on Bloomgate – keeping the Lanark yogis flexible and in great spirit!

hair salon, drawn by ronnie cruwys in lanark scotland

Scizzors, Broomgate, Lanark


Wallace Tea Rooms, 18 Broomgate, Lanark

Here’s Kym in her red apron taking a moment out from running the Wallace Tea Rooms, to sit beside me so I can include her on this drawing.


Wallace Tea Rooms continues…and CMC Lanark, 28 Broomgate


30 (I think?) Broomgate, Lanark

pen and ink drawing by artist ronnie cruwys drawing the street

32 Broomgate, Lanark – early 19th century, Category B listed


no 34 Broomgate Lanark, Category B Listed Circa 1800



36 Bloomgate, Lanark, Category B Listed Circa 1800


no 38 Broomgate, Lanark

Category B listed, dating from around the 18th century, this house was once home for the headmaster of Lanark Grammar School in the early 19th C. It was also used for a while as a Poorhouse.


 no 42 Broomgate, Lanark


Here are the newer houses on Broomgate, thoughtfully built in scale and proportion to the rest of the street.


50 Broomgate


54 and 52 Broomgate


56 Broomgate, Lanark

Prints of all my Lanark street drawings are going to be on display as part of my ‘Streets of Lanark‘ exhibition at the Tolbooth, for two weeks from Mon 28th October 2019. Please call in if you are in the area.

Thanks for joining me here, Ronnie

About ronniecruwys

Living and working in the Clyde Valley, South Lanarkshire, drawing, sketching, painting and exploring my new Scottish life and surroundings. Please visit my other blogs and main website
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