7-17 Stone Road, Eccleshall

A row of two storey red brick terraced cottages lie on the south side of the Stone Road, close to Eccleshall town centre.  7-17 Stone Road were built during the mid 19th century and consist of ten dwellings. They are similar to the cottages closer to the town centre (no 12- 24) which were built a little before these.

7 Stone Road Eccleshall

7 Stone Road Eccleshall

9 Stone Road Eccleshall ronnie cruwys

9 Stone Road Eccleshall

In 2016 I received an email from a former resident of No 9 Stone Road. Mr Tom Renshaw  had received a birthday card from his niece which illustrated 12-24 Stone Road. Here’s the link to them over on Drawing the Street

Tom gave some insights into the earlier life of some of the buildings – the wooden fronted building used to be a corn merchant, ‘F.Gardner’ and the building next to it a bakery, ‘where we would buy bread fresh from the oven and eat it without butter or anything else’. When you reach 82, it was a prompt worth recording so I drew this section of the Stone Road to include Tom’s former home on the archive.

I will be holding an exhibition in Eccleshall library this November when I will be displaying framed limited edition prints of all the Eccleshall drawings so far. I am also asking for any insights into the lives of these buildings to add to this archive. Look forward to hearing from you and hopefully meeting some of you!

11 Stone Road Eccleshall drawing

11 Stone Road Eccleshall

13 Stone Road Eccleshall artwork by Ronnie Cruwys

13 Stone Road Eccleshall

15 Stone Road Eccleshall pen and ink drawing

15 Stone Road Eccleshall

17 Stone Road Eccleshall

17 Stone Road Eccleshall

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