Denmark Place, Holloway Road

Cowling and Wilcox on the Holloway Road sells a great range of sketch books. I’ve been filling one of them up with sketches in and around the Holloway Road.  I recently completed another stretch of this road – the part which is directly opposite Cowling and Wilcox. It’s another 1.8m long orginial which I have cropped into phone-view sized chunks, to form a record of each of the buildings.

Please drop me a line if you know any local history relating to any of these buildings which you would like me to include here.

To see the drawing in full or to order prints, please visit and ink drawing artwork of Holloway road

The Castle, 81 Holloway Road

Brick terrace georgian building Holloway Road Chloe Nails
Kwik Cars and Chloe Nails, 83 and 85 Holloway Road
pen ink and egg tempera wash of Holloway Road London
87 and 89 Holloway Road Standard Tandoori and the MTA Dance Studio
Georgian terrace Holloway Road London
Tblisi and Maverick Interiors, Holloway Road
Pen and ink drawing of London pub Wig and Gown
The Wig and Gown, Holloway Road
Pen and ink drawing of Holloway Road
D&A Binder and Yellow Cars –  101 and 103 Holloway Road
Denmark Place Holloway road London
Vagabond Cafe and Ginger Lettings located at the centre of this drawing, below the feature pediment with stone engraved with ‘1863 Denmark Place’
row of terraces on Holloway road
The Better Hearth and the Hope, with the now closed Peoples’ Club
pen and ink drawing Holloway Road London
No 115 and The Surgery, 117 Holloway Road
pen and ink drawing London architecture
Artisan Coffee and Dry Cleaners, 119 and 121 Holloway Road
Travel agent, Monumental Mason Thomas Judd
Thomas Judd, Memorial Mason, Oriental Gourmet and Travelmania

Thanks for reading – Ronnie

Charity shop drawing and italian restaurant Holloway road
Dream Community Charity Shop and Piccolo Sogno, 127 and 129 Holloway Road on the corner of the entrance to St Mary Magdalene church.





2 responses to “Denmark Place, Holloway Road”

  1. Deryn Flanigan Avatar
    Deryn Flanigan

    I’ve just had great fun comparing your sketch of this section of Holloway Road with the entries in the 1914 London Post Office Directory. “Ginger Lettings,” the middle section of Denmark Place was, back then, an ancestor of mine’s cork cutting shop. The business was run by father and son for many years, but was originally sited in Liverpool Road before relocating to this address. The son and his second wife lived above the shop at one point. Thomas Judd’s at 123 was at no.115 in 1914. Two of the buildings in the road are used for the same purposes today as they were then: No. 111, “The Hope” Dining Rooms, was originally dining rooms run by Edward William Jerome, and 117, occupied by Carroll O’Sullivan, physician and surgeon, is still a surgery today.

    1. ronniecruwys Avatar

      Hi Deryn,
      Thanks so much for all this history – I’m delighted to hear about the life of these buildings. The Post Office directory sound a great resource, thanks for mentioning it to me. I really appreciate the time taken to write to me – this is such a helpful insight, thanks again! Best wishes Ronnie

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