Blossom Street, York

Blossom Street Gallery York
Blossom Street Gallery, York

Time to update the archive! This is a short length of Blossom Street, right next to Micklegate Bar, the ancient and most significant south west gateway into the walled City of York. You can just see the stonework to the right of this sketch which leads up to the pale limestone city walls, some parts which date back to Roman times.

corner of Blossom Street and Station Road
Delrio’s Restaurant, Blossom Street, York

I went to school across the road from these buildings and grew up knowing the gruesome history of Micklegate Bar – it was where the severed heads of traitors were displayed on spikes. One of those facts that once you know it, you never forget. Moving swiftly on – here’s the corner of Blossom Street with Queen Street which leads down to the station.

pen ink and egg tempera drawing of Blossom St York
Plaskitt and Plaskitt, No 6 Blossom Street, York
pen and ink drawing of Blossom Street Gallery York
Blossom Street Gallery and Framing

Here is the last of this cluster of buildings, a short stretch on the Great North Road but significant to me as Kim in Blossom Street Gallery stocks my prints of York!

If you are passing – please call in and have a look around, its a beautiful gallery!

Kim Oldfield with one of my Micklegate prints, in Blossom Street Gallery

To see these drawings as a whole and more of my street drawings, please visit my website Drawing the Street.

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2 responses to “Blossom Street, York”

  1. maljohn2 Avatar

    I love your work; it inspires me. I am teaching myself how to draw and I am drawn to buildings. (No pun intended.) Your art is beautiful.

    1. ronniecruwys Avatar

      Thank you! Buildings are a great subject to draw. Doesn’t matter where you start- even drawing a chimney or a few bricks or a window, just keep going as it’s not the particular skill of the drawing that counts – it’s catching the moment that you stopped to look. Thanks for the follow. Ronnie

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