St John’s Square, East, Burslem

2 Angels Burslem
No 1 St John’s Square, Burslem

Good to be back drawing another street in the historic core of Burslem. Here are the latest sequence of buildings from the east side of St John’s Square.  There is plenty written on the historic fabric in the town centre conservation plan.

3 burslem Ice St Johns Square
No 3 St John’s Square, note the 1882 date carved into the pediment.
4 Coral St Johns Sq Burslem 1
No 5 St John’s Square, Burslem.
4 Coral St Johns Sq Burslem 2
No 9 (?) St John’s Square
4 Coral St Johns Sq Burslem 4
Corner of Queen Street

I always welcome any historical insights into these buildings to include next to the drawings. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch via email ( or facebook/drawingthestreet

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