Albermarle Mansions on the Holloway Road N7

Victorian buildings on Holloway Road
Fragments of pre-1894 buildings on the Holloway Road corner with Windsor Road

Holloway is one of the most densely populated parts of London, usually so full of people and traffic, that you barely have a moment to lift your eyes up to the buildings.

I hope the following sketches will give you a flavour of some of the interesting buildings that can be seen. This is the first of a series of drawings on the Holloway Road – to see the drawing in full, please visit my website

pen and ink drawing of Kale Food Centre Holloway Road
Kale Food Centre on the corner of Windsor Road
Holy Chinese takeaway and Chrissies Hair salon
Holy Chinese and Chrissy’s Hair Salon, 540 and 538 Holloway Road
Home Appliances 542 Holloway Road
D & S Home Appliances, 542 Holloway Road and ‘Empire Square’
pen and ink drwaing of Albermarle Mansions Holloway Road
The extraordinary face of the Albermarle Mansions just behind Bus Stop P – ‘Manor Gardens’

Now if you want to read a little about some of the more colourful lives of past inhabitants of this building,  I recommend you take a look at the Hornsey Road Blogspot where there are several posts about lives lived to the full on the Holloway Road!

pen and ink drawing of Bloomfield Court London
Bloomfield Court, Holloway Road, London

Please do get in touch if you can add anything to the history of this part of Holloway Road.

Thanks for reading.



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