Bishy Road, East Side

Cycle Heaven Drawing
Cycle Heaven, Bishy Road, York

The Bishy Road is complete! It has been a delight to draw this street and to get such an enthusiastic response to my drawings. Thank you Bishy Roaders!

As my first drawing of this street went to press, you were just about to greet Le tour de France in some style. As I write this time, you have entered the competition to find the Great British High Street – excellent! You are a lively, supportive and welcoming community and I wish you all the very best.  I admire how you have made the most of your street: the shops are well maintained,  you throw a street party with ease, you support charitable causes and you cherish your local history. Most of all, you have a unique quality and energy which I wish you could bottle and share as it would spark a revival on the most downtrodden street. Go Bishy Road!

Starting with Cycle Heaven three shop fronts reflect the degree of bike-love in York. When I was growing up in Acomb, everyone cycled. I remember floods of railworker cyclists pouring out on to Holgate Road at the end of a shift. I think the freedom bikes gave us are imprinted into our fabric and possibly why Yorkshire connected so easily to the cyclists on the Tour. Where else have there been so many hallowed yellow bikes?

To see how Cycle Heaven looked pre-WW1 as Lunds Drugs Store,  have a look at the Clements Hall history archive here.

I had to include my husband looking in the window, with my York sister. Cycle Heaven – your loyalty card is up on our notice board – he will be back!

Bishy Road Fruitique
Fruitique, greengrocers, Rainbow House takeaway and M&K Quality Butchers

The greengrocers shop, Fruitique, has been in the same use since 1911 Link to archive and the butcher has been in the same use since 1891.



Costcutter decked out for le Gand Depart of the Tour de France 2014

  Link to Archive   There has been an off-licence on this corner for many years.

Fish and chip shop York,
Fisherman’s Wife fish and chip shop, Evolve Hairdressing Salon

Link to archive

Bishy road Pharmacy and delicatessen
Bishopthorpe Road Pharmacy and The Good Food Shop Delicatessen

Link to Archive


Houses Bishy Road
Dwellings on the Bishy Road
Stanley and Ramona
Bishy Road Dwellings and Stanley and Ramona, for home cooked food and ‘a right good cup of coffee’

Link to archive

 Thanks for reading. Bishy Roaders – all the very best for your entry into the #GBHighSt – you get my vote!

Stanley and Ramona York
Road closed for Le Tour de France July 2104  and lucky Arran waiting for a snack.


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