A Jolly Secret in the Heart of Newcastle – aka Liverpool Road

Jollies Arts, Salvador Dali, Corporation Street

A Jolly Good Fellow

Jollie’s Art shop is the creative hub of Newcastle.  It is well worth the few extra steps from the High Street and Ironmarket to venture into this older part of the town which although much changed, nevertheless sits on the footprint of Newcastle’s medieval town centre.

It is Jollies by name and Jolly by nature. There are allsorts of drop-in classes for creative pursuits and it is a place where a few local artists quietly produce wonderful pieces of Staffordshire art and they are happy to show you their work.

It doesn’t matter where you are along your creative path – you are welcome here. It’s a great place to meet, it’s informal and you can bend Terry’s ears with your arty problems and you will get help. If you have never heard of it – just find it,  I can’t recommend it enough. Join a class and get a discount. What isn’t in stock soon will be if you need it. Being supported by a few other arty souls encourages, sustains and nurtures  us.

Shh…dont tell everyone, but there are a few free parking spaces for customers around the back –  thanks Terry;-)

Jollies arts, Liverpool road, newcastle under Lyme

Meet Terry, Jollies Arts and Crafts shop.

florist, Newcastle-under-lyme

Feast of Flowers, Liverpool Road, Newcastle-under-Lyme

Full Moon Pub, Liverpool Road

Full Moon Pub, Liverpool Road

Close up of the dates of the Full Moon Pub

Close-up of the dates of the Full Moon Pub

If you look up to the eaves, the Full Moon has taken the trouble to paint all the significant names and dates of its history from 1836 to the present date for us to read. Brilliant!

1836 was the year that Charles Darwin returned to Falmouth, Cornwall, aboard HMS Beadle after a 5-year journey collecting data he would later use to develop his theory of evolution. Darwin married his cousin Emma Wedgewood, from Maer, three years later.  I wonder if they ever stopped for a drink in here? Thanks for giving us food for thought Full Moon.

For more drawings, visit www.drawingthestreet.co.uk and www.drawingthestreet.wordpress.com


About ronniecruwys

Living and working in the Clyde Valley, South Lanarkshire, drawing, sketching, painting and exploring my new Scottish life and surroundings. Please visit my other blogs https://drawingthestreet.com https://drawingthedetail.com/ and main website https://www.drawingthestreet.co.uk
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2 Responses to A Jolly Secret in the Heart of Newcastle – aka Liverpool Road

  1. Soozi Bloor says:

    6yrs on and they are trying to turn the full moon into flats, even though its a listed building. Can you help save it? And also shed more light on the Darwin speculation please?

    • ronniecruwys says:

      Hi Soozi, Sorry to hear about the possible conversion of the Full Moon to flats. I read that since 2000, over a quarter of pubs have closed in the UK and that was before covid 19. They are having a tough time of it. However, if there are enough NUL residents who feel strongly enough about keeping it as a pub – then I suggest that you get together and each write and object to the planning application. Find out what parts of the building would be protected through listing ( I have just searched and can’t find that it is listed unless it has been added recently). It is in a conservation area though. I left NUL several years ago and now live in Scotland and have no idea what the Darwin speculation is about. Good luck. Ronnie

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