Ironmarket in Summer

Ironmarket in Summer 1
Ironmarket at the west end, next to Lad Lane

This is a selection of images from the drawing ‘Ironmarket in Summer’ which was awarded a prize by the Friends of the Borough Museum and Gallery, Autumn 2013. Box sets of 10 postcards of cropped images taken from this drawing are available to buy from Bellini’s Italian Cafe on Pepper St, Newcastle and in the Library for £10. Prints of this drawing are available at Bellini’s, 60 cm long, £60 each. Longer prints at 1m and 1.5m  are also available to order, please contact me on the form below.

Thank you happy people for liking my drawings! Time for a break now but  I will be back with more posts next week.

John Pass and Halifax Building Society
John Pass and Halifax Building Society, 9-13c,  Ironmarket are listed grade 2
Yates Ironmarket
Yates 14-16 Ironmarket, listed grade 2
Detail of stonework above yates
Look up!
Ironmarket is full of colour in summer
Ironmarket and George and Dragon
Two pubs side by side, the Ironmarket and the George and Dragon
Friendly coffee shops and great coffee, pop into Java and you can buy full length prints of this whole drawing!
Friendly coffee shops and great coffee in Java!
Caffe Java, Ironmarket, Newcastle-under-Lyme
Caffe Java, Ironmarket, Newcastle-under-Lyme
Gourmet Kitchen and Newcastle Library
Gourmet Kitchen and Newcastle Library. Pop into the library and have a look at the original Ironmarket in Winter drawing, 8ft long, on display in the Local History Room, first floor which I donated following November’s library Exhibition in 2013.
Queens buildings, Listed grade 2
No 31, Queens Gardens Business Centre, formerly known as the Justice Clerks Office and built as a dwelling. Listed grade 2, early 19th Century
Art Deco Building
Lovely Art Deco Building, built in the 1930’s, formerly ‘The Co-operative Society Emporium’. Home to Oakland, Blue Arrow, Unique Nails and now IsabellaB, this lovely womens clothing shop had just arrived as I was drawing.
Detail of IsabellaB
Decorators preparing for the opening of IsabellaB.
Thats my old dog(gone) Arran, he sometimes shows up in my pictures if there is half a chance of an imaginary snack from a kind hearted tradesman.
Lace gentlemans club
The east end of the Ironmarket, Leek Building Society, Newbould Optician and Lace Gentlemans Club, the latter formerly a pub known as the Compasses and built c 1790

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